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Mr Paul Wang

Director, Techno-Entrepreneurship Core, The University of Hong Kong 

Title: Technology to Entrepreneurship: Navigating the Lab-to-Market Journey


Academia loves technologies but fears the market, which makes techno-entrepreneurs precious. How can we bridge the gap and catalyze the transformation? Experiential learning is the critical tool, and the Lean Launchpad Program is a proven methodology originating from the US. This talk will also introduce the Startup Postdoc Program and how it works with principal investigators to identify and nurture future CEOs and CTOs.


Paul Wang has extensive experience in entrepreneurship development and knowledge transfer. He is currently the Director of Techno-Entrepreneurship Core at The University of Hong Kong, where he coordinates the university's entrepreneurial initiatives to facilitate research commercialisation and build a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem. Prior to this, he worked at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where he was the major driver of entrepreneurship development for over nine years. During this time, he nurtured over 450 start-ups, including a few unicorns, and developed networks of stakeholders from the Chinese mainland and overseas.

Before transitioning to knowledge transfer, Paul had over 15 years of experience practising entrepreneurship as a co-founder and chief business developer in early-stage companies that were later listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). He holds an MBA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a BEcon degree from Beijing International Studies University. Additionally, he is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with a research interest in research commercialisation gap funding.

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