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Presentations of AEDS2023 
S1-2 Opening Remarks
Professor Tim Cheng, AEDS Steering Committee Chair, Vice-President, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
S1-4 Keynote: Introduction to the Global Engineering Deans Council and Critical Issues Facing our Global Community
Dr Hans Jürgen Hoyer, Executive Secretary, Global Engineering Deans Council
S1-5 Keynote: How Innovative Technology can Help Deliver a Sustainable Energy Future
Mr Richard Lancaster, Chief Executive Officer, CLP Holdings Limited
S2-1 Developing Professional Engineers through Active and Authentic Learning
Professor Kee Chaing Chua, President, Singapore Institute of Technology
S2-2 Exploration and Practice of New Engineering Education at SUSTech
Professor Limin Zhou, Associate Dean, Southern University of Science and Technology
S2-3 Nurturing Next Generation Innovators and Technologists
Professor Chi Ying Tsui, Head, Integrative Systems and Design, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
S2-4 Data Science for Social Good
Professor Raymond Ng, Director, Data Science Institute, The University of British Columbia
S4-1 Technology to Entrepreneurship: Navigating the Lab-to-Market Journey
Mr Paul Wang, Director, Techno-Entrepreneurship Core, The University of Hong Kong
S4-2 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System in Zhejiang University
Professor Huayong Yang, Dean of Engineering, Zhejiang University
S4-3 From Biodesign to Entrepreneurship - An Innovative Education Approach
Professor Carrie Ling, Director, Entrepreneurship Centre, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
S5-3 Advancing AI with Large Generative Models: Research and Applications
Dr Lingpeng Kong, Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong
S6-1 Robotics and AI for Real-world Challenges
Professor Kazuhiro Kosuge, Chair Professor, The University of Hong Kong
S6-2 Development and Outlook of Taiwan Offshore Wind Power for Net Zero Carbon Emission
Professor Mao-Hsiung Chiang, Dean of Engineering, National Taiwan University
S6-4 GREAT Smart Cities and Sustainable Smart Campus 
Professor Hong Lo, Dean of Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
S7-1 Fostering Innovation and Enterprise through Industry Partnerships
Professor Chee Yoon Yue, Director, NUS Enterprise
S7-3 Integrated Education-Research-Techtransfer for EIT in China: A Case Study of Tsinghua EE Department
Professor Yu Wang, Chair of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University
S8-2 The All-in-One University for a Sustainable World
Professor Laurent El Ghaoui, Dean of Engineering, VinUniversity
S8-3 The Future of Global Universities
Professor David Cardwell, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge
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