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Professor Hong Lo

Dean of Engineering
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Title: GREAT Smart Cities and Sustainable Smart Campus 


Recently, we proposed five GREAT attributes of a smart city, namely Green, Resilient, Empowering, Adaptable, and Transformative. : (1) Green: city planned with due considerations for life-cycle environmental impacts, (2) Resilient: city developed with infrastructure capacities and system redundancies to manage disruptions, (3) Empowering: city designed for people, empowering wellbeing, efficiency, innovation, and productive partnerships; (4) Adaptable: city designed with infrastructure and systems adaptable to changes in new technology, and (5) Transformative: city designed for empowering institutions and citizens to define and reposition their growth directions and strategies. In this presentation, we will discuss the broad concept of developing a GREAT smart city, and initiatives at HKUST in transforming our campus as a showcase and living lab of innovative applications, referred to as Sustainable Smart Campus. We will describe the home-grown applications, identify barriers, and discuss the lessons learned in this endeavor.   


Professor Hong K. LO is Dean of Engineering, Chair Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Director of GREAT Smart Cities Institute of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His expertise includes smart city, dynamic transportation system modeling, traffic control, and public transportation analysis. He has published extensively in the transportation literature and is very active in the transportation community; for instance, he was elected as Convener of the conference series Advanced Systems for Public Transportation (CASPT), serves as Founding Editor-in-Chief of Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics, Managing Editor of Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, etc. Locally, he served on the Transport Advisory Committee (TAC), Convener of Railway Objections Hearing Panel, Member of the Independent Review Committee on Hong Kong’s Franchised Bus Service, etc. Professor Lo was awarded the prestigious Triennial World Conference on Transportation Research (WCTR) Prize and HKUST School of Engineering Research Excellence Award. Prof Lo is a Justice of the Peace (JP), Fellow of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Highway and Transportation (IHT), and Fellow of the Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies.

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