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Professor Yu Wang

Chair of Electronic Engineering
Tsinghua University

Title: Integrated Education-Research-Techtransfer for EIT in China: A Case Study of Tsinghua EE Department


The discipline of Electronics and Information Technology (EIT) combines the characteristics of basic and applied research and maintains a close relationship with industry. To effectively capitalize on innovative elements within enterprises and promote collaborative innovation, the Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University has placed great importance and kept enhancing collaboration with industry partners. We have established an organizational structure and implementation paths with an engineering approach to strengthen industrial partnerships and promote technology transfer. Our proactive efforts on this closed-loop system of discipline ecology have yielded positive results, which have driven the development of the national electronic information industry, and fostered closer integration between academia- education-industry fulfilling the three foundational functions of university - talent cultivation, scientific research, and social service.


Yu Wang, professor, IEEE fellow, Chair of the Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University, dean of Institute for Electronics and Information Technology in Tianjin , and vice dean of School of information science and technology of Tsinghua University. His research interests include the application specific heterogeneous computing, processing-in-memory, intelligent multi-agent system, and power/reliability aware system design methodology. Yu Wang has published more than 90 journals (64 IEEE/ACM journals) and 310 conference papers in the areas of EDA, FPGA, VLSI Design, and Embedded Systems, with the Google Scholar citation over 16000. He has received four best paper awards and 12 best paper nominations. Yu Wang has been an active volunteer in the design automation, VLSI, and FPGA conferences.

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